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Natural sugar substitutes and products

Natural Sugar Substitutes
for a sweet and guilt-free life.

Kickstart a healthier lifestyle with our natural sugar substitute products

We specialize in creating natural sweeteners, sugar substitutes for baking, healthy sweeteners and products that are either completely sugar-free or without any added sugar.

We believe in creating healthy products by rejecting refined sugar and artificial sweeteners that are harmful to your health. That is why we only use natural sugar substitutes and natural sweeteners when making our products.

By reducing sugar consumption and offering fun, natural and clever alternatives, we contribute to making life a bit more fulfilling. Life should be sweet, but not full of sugar.

All Natural Sweeteners

The natural sugar substances we use for our products contain very few or no calories.

These are substances sourced from nature and not synthetically produced sweeteners, commonly known as artificial sweeteners.

It is our number one priority to create natural, sugar free products that everyone can enjoy. Good Good sweeteners are for all those looking for the most natural way to replace sugar and thereby starting a healthier life.

High Quality Ingredients

For the sweet taste we use the highest quality natural sweeteners available: stevia, erythritol and maltitol, as well as fructo-oligosaccharides, a rich-in-fibre natural sweetener.

All our natural sweeteners carry the sweet taste with no or very few calories. In that way they contribute to zero, or very low effect on blood sugar, weight, dental health and cardiovascular disease.